Japan’s stock market may not go from strength to strength

We don’t expect the recent surge in Japan’s stock market to last, and think it will make much smaller gains over the next couple of years.
Thomas Mathews Markets Economist
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Lower valuations may not help EM equities outperform

We don’t think the low valuations of emerging market (EM) equity indices relative to those of developed markets (DMs) is reason to expect EM equities to outperform over the next couple of years.

18 October 2021

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We think the sell-off in DM bonds will resume

While the yields of long-dated government bonds in the euro-zone, UK and US have dropped back a bit in recent days, we think they will rise between now and the end of 2023. We expect increases in yields to be particularly large in the US given our view that high inflation there will prove persistent.

14 October 2021

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Assessing the outlook for US equity valuations

We forecast that the valuation of the US stock market will deflate a bit further over the next couple of years, though we are not expecting a sharp decline.

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China’s financial markets, Evergrande, and global spill-overs

Although we doubt the current slowdown in China’s economy will reignite 2015-style “hard-landing” fears that weigh heavily on risky assets generally, we are anticipating some negative spill-overs, particularly for commodity currencies and materials-heavy stock markets.

16 September 2021

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Japan’s politics and financial markets

Despite investors’ hopes for a potential renewal of Abenomics-style policy in Japan, we suspect the yen will continue to hold its ground much better than after Abe was elected in 2012.

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We expect Japan’s stock market to run out of steam

While uncertainty remains about the implications of the resignation of Japan’s PM Suga for the country’s equities, we think the big picture is that they will see relatively small gains over the next couple of years.

10 September 2021
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