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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Capital Economics' DEI priorities, partnerships and leaders

At Capital Economics, we are striving to create a diverse workforce and inclusive environment, which we believe are critical to help us make better decisions for the company, our employees and our clients.

A diverse and inclusive workforce makes for more innovative, engaged and empowered employees, from whom business strength can be derived. This is particularly important in macroeconomic research, which relies on a diversity of views and opinions to be relevant and insightful. Capital Economics is committed to equality, inclusion and diversity. We encourage applications from all candidates regardless of ethnicity, religion or belief, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or gender identity.

We are committed to continuing to improve diversity, equity and inclusion at Capital Economics not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because we know it improves employee performance, recruitment and retention and will help us achieve our corporate objectives.

Our focus areas for 2022-2024 include:

  • Expand the pipeline of talent joining the company at entry level with specific focus on graduate economist roles
  • Enhance our sourcing, attraction and selection processes for experienced recruitment
  • Ensure robust HR policies in place that encourage and reinforce diversity and inclusion
  • Create dynamic internal engagement and communication mechanisms
  • Develop regular management reporting and accountability
  • Foster an inclusive environment for all at Capital Economics
Hannah Chen

Staff Profiles

Read about the experiences that team members have had joining Capital Economics through our DE&I partnerships.

Hannah Chen, Summer 2022 Intern

Joel Thomas, Summer 2023 Intern

Hibah Khan, Summer 2023 Intern

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Panel

  • Faith Elliott

    Faith Elliott

    Head of HR

  • Shilan Shah

    Shilan Shah

    Deputy Chief Emerging Markets Economist

  • Ruth Gregory

    Ruth Gregory

    Deputy Chief UK Economist

  • Natalia Nascimento

    Natalia Nascimento

    Account Manager

  • Diana Iovanel

    Diana Iovanel

    Markets Economist

  • Shivaan Tandon

    Shivaan Tandon

    Emerging Asia Economist