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Who We Help

Capital Economics helps leading financial service, corporate and other organisations across the world with their investment and management decisions

As a client of Capital Economics for over 10 years, we have found the materials, information and advice provided to us increasingly valuable to our strategic business planning, forecasting, risk management and tactical decision making processes.
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Neil Clark
Head of Commercial Finance, AJ Bell PLC

Job roles we serve

Capital Economics users come from a variety of different roles throughout our client organisations. Our insights, analysis and data are embedded into their daily workflows and help them achieve their business priorities.

Investment Management

CIOs, investment managers and portfolio managers depend on trustworthy macroeconomic data and analysis to inform and influence their portfolio allocations. Capital Economics provides holistic coverage of the global economy which helps portfolio managers spot new opportunities for investment while also managing exposure risks by providing in-depth analysis across over 100 markets, economies and sectors.

Investment Analysts

Analyst teams need to translate macroeconomic events into medium- and long-term forecasts to support their stakeholders. Capital Economics has a 20+ year track record of trustworthy, independent and accurate forecasts. With CE Advance research teams can benefit from the full scope of our award-winning forecasts across every major economy and sector.

Investor Relations

Investor relations team need to easily contextualise the performance of assets relative to the overall market for investors. Capital Economics provides timely insights that cut through the noise following an economic event or monetary policy decision. Investor relations teams can feel confident in the forecasts and recommendations coming from the Capital Economics team, thanks to our rigorous, comprehensive and independent approach to our analysis.


Traders depend on real-time insights to respond quickly to market shifts and opportunities. Capital Economics is able to respond quickly to expected and unexpected market changes, policy decisions, and data releases, equipping traders with the information they need to make confident investment decisions when every minute counts.

In-house Economists

In-house economists use leverage Capital Economics' analysis to compliment and enhance their own research and recommendations. They can access all the data behind our forecasts and easily incorporate it into their own models. Many in-house teams use our holistic, global coverage to fill gaps across their internal teams and help them identify opportunities outside of their core areas of focus.

Risk Management

Risk management teams depend on trustworthy data and insights to inform their models, forecasts and stakeholders. Our award-winning analysis helps them spot trends, predict business implications and better prepare their organisations to react in times of volatility.

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Experience the value that Capital Economics can deliver. With complimentary 2-week access to our subscription services, you can explore comprehensive economic insight, data and charting tools, and attend live virtual events hosted by our economists. 

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Capital Economics has been an integral part of our investment process for many years – from informing our model inputs to providing up-to-date insights across a wide range of macroeconomic risks. We value the ongoing depth and breadth of economic research globally that the platform provides to our research.
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Andrew Duong
CFA, Portfolio Manager, Maple-Brown Abbott Limited