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Capital Economics for Hedge Funds

We provide independent and rigorous economic and market analysis that enables hedge funds to identify opportunities and understand risks with more confidence. 

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We make it easy for hedge fund investors to understand the macro landscape

Our economists have a deep understanding of the interactions between the economy, inflation, and monetary policy. In times of uncertainty and rapid change, we provide the clarity needed to help you navigate incoming headwinds and identify opportunities.

We understand that your time is precious. Our clear, concise analysis allows you to cut through the noise quickly and focus on what matters most for your positions. Register for a free account to explore our analysis below.

Capital Economics delivers value to your bottom line

We partner with a wide range of hedge fund investors to help them anticipate turning points in economic and market cycles, to identify opportunities as macro narratives shift, and to understand how longer-term changes in the global economy will affect their returns. Whatever your strategy, our 70-plus global team of professional economists and personalised data solutions prepare you with the insight you need to stay ahead of the curve.

We identify macro shifts that hedge fund investors can exploit 

Our global team is constantly analyising what is happening – and what might happen next – in over 100 markets, economies, and sectors so you don’t have to.  

We react fast to market shifts and highlight the implications, helping you make quick, confident decisions when every second counts. And we help you explain those decisions to your clients.

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We improve and streamline your internal and external reporting 

Our cutting-edge platform allows hedge fund managers to create tailored macro charts and data for use in internal models and reports as well as in reports to clients. Our tools save you time and help you explain complex issues to clients - improving both efficiency and credibility. 

We help you to challenge conventional wisdom through the collective expertise of our team

We know that hedge funds need trusted, independent insight to determine when to bet against the market. Our track record of successful non-consensus calls and thought leadership informed from all angles help you identify opportunities to confidently challenge received wisdom.

Our unique approach leverages the deep knowledge of our entire global economist team, generating holistic views across markets and sectors that are trusted by thousands of investors every day.  

Sydney Roundtable February 2023
We refer to Capital Economics daily, I would say there’s not a day goes by where at least one of the team, probably nearly all of the team, are reading some of the analysis.
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Russell Collister
CIO, FIM Capital Ltd.

Dedicated support for users across the organisation

Different teams have unique needs and uses for macroeconomic insight in their daily workflows. Capital Economics is uniquely positioned to enable them to all drive better business outcomes through our tailored insight and analysis. 

Investment Management

Investment Management

CIOs, investment managers and portfolio managers depend on trustworthy macroeconomic data and analysis to inform and influence their portfolio allocations. Capital Economics provides holistic coverage of the global economy which helps portfolio managers spot new opportunities for investment while also managing exposure risks by providing in-depth analysis across over 100 markets, economies and sectors.
Investment Analysts

Investment Analysts

Analyst teams within hedge funds need to translate macroeconomic events into medium- and long-term forecasts to support their internal stakeholders. Capital Economics has a 20+ year track record of trustworthy, independent and accurate forecasts. With CE Advance research teams can benefit from the full scope of our award-winning forecasts across every major economy and sector.
Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Investor relations team need to easily contextualise the performance of assets relative to the overall market for investors. Capital Economics provides timely insights that cut through the noise following an economic event or monetary policy decision. Investor relations teams can feel confident in the forecasts and recommendations coming from the Capital Economics team, thanks to our rigorous, comprehensive and independent approach to our analysis.


Traders depend on real-time insights to respond quickly to market shifts and opportunities. Capital Economics is able to respond quickly to expected and unexpected market changes, policy decisions, and data releases, equipping traders with the information they need to make confident investment decisions when every minute counts.
In-house Economists

In-house Economists

In-house economists use leverage Capital Economics' analysis to compliment and enhance their own research and recommendations. They can access all the data behind our forecasts and easily incorporate it into their own models. Many in-house teams use our holistic, global coverage to fill gaps across their internal teams and help them identify opportunities outside of their core areas of focus.

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