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Capital Economics for Corporates

We provide independent and rigorous economic and market analysis that helps corporates identify opportunities and understand risks with greater confidence 

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Dedicated support across your company 

Different teams have unique needs and uses for macroeconomic insight in their daily workflows. Capital Economics is uniquely positioned to enable them to all drive better business outcomes through our tailored insight and analysis. 

Strategy and risk

Strategy and risk

Corporate strategists need to know about macroeconomic risks and opportunities in order to make business decisions. Capital Economics stand apart from the industry with our timely, concise briefing analysis and in-person meetings; we get straight to the point, deliver clear and concise insight while encouraging questions and discussion.
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain managers need to know how economic trends will change their business over the short to long term. Capital Economics provides comprehensive forecasting of key supply and demand variables and highlights key near-term risk factors as well as insight into long-term issues shaping the global economy and markets.


Corporate treasurers need a close understanding of the macro and market environment in order to manage company finances with confidence. Our analysis and forecasts of near to long-term moves in interest and exchange rates help treasurers mitigate risk while identifying opportunities.

We help corporates anticipate changes in the global macro and market landscape 

Your company needs to know how near to long-term changes in the global economy could affect your business and your customers. Our timely, concise economic and market insight helps companies anticipate the strategic and operational consequences of these shifts.  

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Our unmatched global coverage gives corporates the edge they need

Our global team is constantly analysing what is happening – and what might happen next – in over 100 markets, economies, and sectors so our clients don’t have to. Our economists give corporate strategists the insight they need to identify macro risks and opportunities. And we help corporate finance teams understand what macro shifts mean for financial markets. 

We help corporates improve and streamline internal and external reporting

Our cutting-edge platform allows our corporate clients to create tailored macro charts and data for use in their internal decision-making process. Our tools save you time and help you explain complex macroeconomic and geopolitical issues internally and externally. 

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Macro and market insights for corporates 

From consumption insights to global supply chain analysis to help anticipating FX risk, for more than 25 years we have supported the world's leading corporates navigate the macro and market landscape. Our global team of economists support a wide range of corporate function with our award-winning subscription services and bespoke consulting solutions.

Why choose Capital Economics?

A Capital Economics subscription gives you a complete range of tools that ensure you get the insight you need, when you need it and in the most convenient form for you.

Written analysis

Our clients rely on our timely, concise reports to get a clear insight into global economic and market developments


Clients get their specific questions answered quickly and efficiently via multiple short-form online briefings held each week. 


Clients value our ability to explain tectonic shifts in the global economy with these annual deep-dive research projects on major macro and market issues


We take clients beyond the written report with extensive proprietary data series and interactive dashboards covering all aspects of the global economy, plus financial, property and commodity markets

Chief Economist’s note

Neil Shearing goes beyond the headlines to give highlight and explore the issues our clients need to understand in this weekly commentary on macro and market issues


Capital Economics clients start their week with the latest episode of this weekly podcast, designed for Capital Economics subscribers to get the insight they need on global macro and market issues

Forecast Hub

Clients save time and get instant views of the macro and market outlook with this comprehensive macro and market forecast centre for major DM and EMs


Economists and clients get in the weeds on global macro and market issues in these lively, informal in-person discussions held across North America, Europe and Asia

Experience the value that Capital Economics can deliver

With complimentary 2-week access to our subscription services, you can explore comprehensive economic insight, data and charting tools, and attend live virtual events hosted by our economists. 

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Your business problem. Our bespoke solution.

Our Consulting team supports companies like yours by delivering the specific insight needed to achieve their strategic objectives. Find out how we can help.  

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