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Capital Economics for Investment Banking

We provide rigorous economic analysis and independent market insight that enables investment banking, trading, and brokerage professionals to identify opportunities and risks with confidence.

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Dedicated support across the organisation

Our timely, rigorous insight and data support thousands of investment bank professionals worldwide in identifying opportunities, mitigating risk and serving their clients with greater confidence.



We help advisory teams help their clients with comprehensive, independent analysis of the global macro and market environment. Our timely, rigorous and concise insight gives advisory teams greater confidence in providing M&A solutions to their clients.
Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Capital Markets teams rely on our insight into the global economy to better meet their clients’ financing needs. Our comprehensive analysis and extensive data resources give these teams greater confidence in identifying global macro and market risk and opportunity around origination and syndication.


Our timely, rigorous but concise insight means trading desks are always prepared for shifts in the global macro and market environment. By comprehensively supporting them as developments occur, we keep trading desks one step ahead in identifying market risk and opportunity.


The breadth and depth of our insight and data offerings support in-house research teams in enhancing their analysis and challenging their assumptions. Our comprehensive global coverage combined with extensive analysis and data resources strengthen research coverage, helping them better and more quickly identify risk and opportunity in the global macro and market environment.


We support Treasury services in anticipating and identifying risk and opportunity as global macro developments shape market outcomes. Our award-winning analysis and forecasting accuracy helps Treasury services spot trends and better prepare their organisations for times of volatility.
We refer to the email alerts from Capital Economics on a daily basis and the website for specific research. The relevancy, synthetic format and quality of the underlying analysis is what we value most.
Credit Agricole
Credit Agricole CIB

Interpret complex macroeconomic issues quickly and explain their market implications clearly

Our economists understand the interactions between the economy, inflation, and monetary policy. In times of uncertainty and rapid change, we provide crucial insights to help you navigate incoming headwinds and identify opportunities.

World Economy

Identify major macroeconomic trends early and highlight their markets implications 

Our insights go beyond simply reporting what is happening; we make it relevant for our clients by providing a full spectrum of research, data and potential impacts from economic events and policy decisions. 

Challenge conventional wisdom through the collective expertise of our team

Our independent analysis and market-leading calls are informed by a wide range of different perspectives that help you confidently make strategic decisions that challenge conventional thinking.

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Why choose Capital Economics?

A Capital Economics subscription gives you a complete range of tools that ensure you get the insight you need, when you need it and in the most convenient form for you.

Written analysis

Our clients rely on our timely, concise reports to get a clear insight into global economic and market developments


Clients get their specific questions answered quickly and efficiently via multiple short-form online briefings held each week. 


Clients value our ability to explain tectonic shifts in the global economy with these annual deep-dive research projects on major macro and market issues


We take clients beyond the written report with extensive proprietary data series and interactive dashboards covering all aspects of the global economy, plus financial, property and commodity markets

Chief Economist’s note

Neil Shearing goes beyond the headlines to give highlight and explore the issues our clients need to understand in this weekly commentary on macro and market issues


Capital Economics clients start their week with our weekly podcast, designed for Capital Economics subscribers to get the insight they need on global macro and market issues

Forecast Hub

Clients save time and get instant views of the macro and market outlook with this comprehensive macro and market forecast centre for major DM and EMs


Economists and clients get in the weeds on global macro and market issues in these lively, informal in-person discussions held across North America, Europe and Asia

Experience the value that Capital Economics can deliver

With complimentary 2-week access to our subscription services, you can explore comprehensive economic insight, data and charting tools, and attend live virtual events hosted by our economists. 

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