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How We Help

Capital Economics provides macroeconomic insight, analysis and data to help clients make better investment decisions that deliver sustainable value. 

Capital Economics clients come from a diverse range of global organisations, yet they face a common set of strategic challenges that our services help them address more effectively. 

Outperform benchmarks

Our clients want to get ahead of the market and their competition and prepare for key data releases to make the right commercial and investment decisions. The speed at which we deliver our insights and analysis helps our clients gain an advantage over competitors. 

Add client value

Our clients have their own sets of clients and stakeholders to serve, and our insights and analysis help them to build understanding of complex macroeconomic trends and make well-grounded investment decisions on their behalf. 

Set strategic direction

Our clients want to see the big picture as well as detailed analysis that helps them manage their investments. They need forecasts across multiple time horizons that they can trust as well as scenarios to evaluate a range of potential outcomes. 

Challenge in-house thinking

Our clients need independent perspectives to bring into their organisations that have the credibility required to challenge or validate their internal thinking.

Manage risk

Our clients need the best information and insight available to help them make effective decisions to manage their portfolios and clients, identify investment opportunities, and minimise the impacts of market volatility. 

Optimise costs

Our clients need a partner who can meet their expectations of value in cost-conscious environments. They look to us to deliver the insight they need to identify investment opportunities, increase the efficiency of their teams, and offset internal costs. 

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Comprehensive macroeconomic coverage

We produce ongoing, in-depth analysis on over 100 markets, geographies and sectors. Our track record of successful calls and forecasts coupled with our deep subject-matter expertise provides our clients with unparalleled insight into the market shifts that will impact their investment decisions.

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Data & Charting

Capital Economics provides clients with an extensive, exclusive range of data and interactive charting tools. Our proprietary indicators, curated dashboards and forecasts help clients answer  big macro and market questions and know what to expect in economies and markets in the months, years, and even decades ahead.

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London Roundtable February 2023

Economist expertise

Our team of 70+ economists work directly with clients on a daily basis. We understand that often clients need to know how market shifts may impact their investments, so our economists are available to connect with clients across a range of formats designed to suit every need. Whether it's a quick answer to a specific question, a virtual or online briefing, or to hear the latest on a developing topic, we provide a wide range of opportunities for clients to interact directly with our economists.

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Capital Economics has been an integral part of our investment process for many years – from informing our model inputs to providing up-to-date insights across a wide range of macroeconomic risks. We value the ongoing depth and breadth of economic research globally that the platform provides to our research.
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