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How We Help:

Data & Charting Capabilities

Get the edge you need through Capital Economics' proprietary indicators, macro and markets forecasts and curated dashboards.

Capital Economics clients benefit from an extensive, exclusive range of data combined with intuitive and flexible charting tools. They leverage our proprietary indicators, curated dashboards and forecasts across a range of use cases to inform investment decisions and know what to expect in economies and markets in the months, years, and even decades ahead.

Answer big macro and market questions

Will the US economy fall into recession? What's really happening in the Chinese economy? How are economic and market forces driving green transitions? Capital Economics clients use our charts in stakeholder presentations and with their own clients to help them understand major market trends and shifts that will impact their investments.

Understand market shifts in real time

Our dashboards and charts are updated regularly to reflect the latest data and developments. Clients leverage these uniquely powerful analytical tools for a range of uses, from at-a-glance temperature checks to deeper dives.

Strengthen investment calls

Automated updates mean clients can rely on Capital Economics for datasets and dynamic charts to support their investment analysis or enhance their presentations. Our integration options allow our data and forecasts to be plugged directly into client workflows.

Capital Economics Proprietary Indicators

From artificial intelligence to US recession alerts to the real story of Chinese growth, our clients benefit from hundreds of proprietary Capital Economics indicators. Together they offer unique insight into developed and emerging economies, as well as financial, commodity and property markets, which help clients identify and act on key turning points quickly and with confidence. 

Learn more about our featured proprietary indicators below.

AI Economic Impact Index

Understand how artificial intelligence will transform the global economy. Our proprietary AI Economic Impact Index stack ranks countries according to their ability to innovate, adopt and adapt to AI, helping clients identify opportunities and risks in their investment portfolios. 

FCI dashboard

Financial Conditions 

Gain a holistic overview of financial conditions across major developed economies. It presents our proprietary financial conditions indices (FCIs) as well as a selection of input variables used in our FCIs. Our FCIs indicate the ease with which finance is accessed, and hence how supportive financial conditions are for economic activity.

China Activity Proxy (CAP)

Get a more accurate measure of Chinese economic growth to inform your investment strategy. This monthly proxy is based on a set of carefully selected indicators that capture activity across a broad spectrum of the economy and avoids relying on official GDP figures to gauge China's economic growth. 

China Proxy
Image of steel in warehouse

Metal Demand Proxies

Track consumption of metals by end-users. Most estimates of metals demand are made by considering domestic production, imports and moves in stocks. However, imports and stocks can be driven by arbitrage opportunities and warehousing economics. The CE demand proxy monitors growth in activity in industrial sectors that use the metal to try and remove these distortions.

Commercial Property Valuations

View a global comparison of property valuations using valuation scores for each property sector based on their relative values against a range of alternative asset classes. Our composite valuation measures provide an objective rationale upon which we can rank markets according to their relative valuation scores.

Commercial Property Valuation dashboard

Curated Dashboards

Capital Economics economists have created a range of ready-made dashboards based on our clients' areas of interest and investment focus. These provide crucial data updated regularly to help clients understand key issues quickly and easily.

US Key Indicators to Watch

US Economics

US Key Indicators to Watch

A selection of key activity, labour market and inflation indicators for the US economy and our forecasts for the Fed Funds rate.
EM Economic Activity

Emerging Market Economics

EM Economic Activity

Track the latest activity data across EMs and explore our forecasts for GDP growth.
UK Inside Inflation

UK Economics

UK Inside Inflation

Track the evolution of UK CPI inflation and Capital Economics inflation forecasts.
El Niño Tracker

Climate Economics

El Niño Tracker

Track of the macro and market implications of this El Niño event.
Global economy

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Experience the value that Capital Economics can deliver. With complimentary 2-week access to our subscription services, you can explore comprehensive economic insight, data and charting tools, and attend live virtual events hosted by our economists. 

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Regional and Sectoral Dashboards

Capital Economics provides ready-made dashboards for all our areas of coverage. Through these, clients have easy access to key forecasts as well as country- and sector-specific data.

Country and Regional Dashboards

Country and Regional Dashboards

All our country and regional coverage is complimented by a collection of ready-made dashboards highlighting the latest forecasts, proprietary trackers, and key indicators to watch.
Commodities Dashboards

Commodities Dashboards

Our commodities dashboards provide insight into metal demand, the oil market, electric vehicles and long-term forecasts for the global energy market.
Property Dashboards

Property Dashboards

Our available property dashboards cover a range of topics and regions, including US commercial and housing markets at the regional and metro level, UK commercial and housing markets, and European commercial property.
Key Forecast Dashboards

Key Forecast Dashboards

Our key forecast dashboards allow for easy tracking of the latest data and forecasts for areas including inflation, bond yields and interest rates.
Climate dashboards

Climate Dashboards

Our climate databanks bring together over 10,000 series on greenhouse gas emissions by sector, EV rollout, carbon taxes and more. These databanks power customisable dashboards that help clients interpret and use the data in their daily work.

Climate databanks and dashboards are exclusively available through CE Advance.

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