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Capital Economics Roundtable


Capital Economics hosts a range of online and in-person events throughout the year with a programme to suit all clients and help them deepen their understanding of the global economy and markets. 

Our events include weekly Drop-Ins, which are online briefings designed to ensure our clients get the answers they need with minimal disruption to their working day. These 20-minute sessions focus on everything from breaking market developments to highlights from our analysis and forecasts.

In-Person Roundtables

Our roundtables offer a unique experience for clients to meet with Capital Economics economists and hear our latest macroeconomic insights in person. These interactive sessions include an introduction on the topic of focus led by our economists, with the majority of the time dedicated to discussion and Q&A with attendees. 

Space is limited at our roundtables and attendance is limited to current clients and invited guests. Please contact your account manager if you wish to attend an upcoming event.

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