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Capital Economics office

About Capital Economics

Capital Economics is a world-leading provider of independent economic insight. We enable organisations to make better investment decisions that deliver sustainable value.

Our team of 70+ experienced economists provides award-winning macroeconomic, financial market and sectoral analysis, forecasts and consultancy to serve our diverse global client base.

Capital Economics was founded in 1999 based on the premise that in an increasingly connected and complex world, there was a compelling need for financial institutions to have access to independent, high-quality insight into the immediate to longer-term implications of macroeconomic events.

  • Joe Steele

    Joe Steele

    Chief Executive Officer

  • seb-butter

    Seb Butter

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Neil Shearing

    Neil Shearing

    Group Chief Economist

  • Kevin Stillwell

    Kevin Stillwell

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Ray Fawcett

    Raymond Fawcett

    Director of Technology and Product Management


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