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Staff Profiles

  • Hannah Chen

    Hannah Chen


Education history

A Levels: Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Physics

Bachelor’s degree, University & Course: Cambridge University, Economics BA

Dates of employment: July 2022-August 2022

Why did you apply to join the Capital Economics intern/student scheme?

I applied to join the Capital Economics intern scheme as I had really enjoyed studying macroeconomics at university, and wanted to work where I could put the things I’d learnt to use. I also wanted to gain a deeper insight into working as a macroeconomic researcher to see if it would be a good fit for me, as it was a career path that I had been considering.  Also, I’d seen Capital Economics mentioned in some articles in the FT I had read at uni, and being able to work at a leading macroeconomic research firm really appealed to me.

What have you worked on while on the scheme?

Whilst on the scheme I have been primarily working on the Emerging Markets team, helping to produce and edit publications to be sent out to clients. I have had a surprising amount of responsibility, having written my own “Update” and a page in one of the Chartbooks. My long-term project has been to write my own longer publication focusing on “The Future of China-Africa Relations”, which I hope to finish by the time I leave. I’ve also had a few days of shadowing different teams, such as the Commodities team and the UK team, to gain an insight into the differences between economist teams and the work they produce.

What is the most rewarding or surprising aspect of your role at Capital Economics?

The most rewarding part of my role here has been writing pieces that get sent out to clients. Seeing my contributions in a piece that will be read by other people to inform their decisions is a really nice feeling. Also, everyone who works here has been really friendly and welcoming, which was very appreciated and helped me to settle in quickly.