Inflation & the outlook for bonds in the US, UK & E-Z

While we expect the yields of long-dated sovereign bonds to increase further across developed markets over the next two years, we think they will rise by more in the US than in the euro-zone and the UK. This is based on our view that inflation will prove more persistent in the former than in the latter two.
Franziska Palmas Markets Economist
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EM Valuations Monitor

Lower valuations may not help EM equities outperform

We don’t think the low valuations of emerging market (EM) equity indices relative to those of developed markets (DMs) is reason to expect EM equities to outperform over the next couple of years.

18 October 2021

Global Markets Update

We think the sell-off in DM bonds will resume

While the yields of long-dated government bonds in the euro-zone, UK and US have dropped back a bit in recent days, we think they will rise between now and the end of 2023. We expect increases in yields to be particularly large in the US given our view that high inflation there will prove persistent.

14 October 2021

DM Valuations Monitor

Assessing the outlook for US equity valuations

We forecast that the valuation of the US stock market will deflate a bit further over the next couple of years, though we are not expecting a sharp decline.

8 October 2021

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Capital Daily

E-Z yields likely to rise only gradually despite PEPP recalibration

The ECB announced a reduction in the pace of its asset purchases today, but both its forward guidance and its updated economic projections still suggest that the Bank will keep monetary policy very accommodative for a long time to come. We continue to expect that while 10-year government bond yields in the euro-zone will rise somewhat as the economy recovers, continued accommodative monetary policy will mean that they do so only very gradually.

9 September 2021

Global Markets Update

Treasury yields & the outlook for EM LC bonds

We think that the increase in long-dated Treasury yields which we forecast will push up the yields of equivalent emerging market (EM) local-currency (LC) bonds. Based on historical relationships, we expect yields to rise by less than in the US in most EMs. The exception are countries with weak balances sheets. What next for the ECB? We’re hosting a post-mortem after Thursday’s Governing Council meeting at 1100 ET to discuss its decision and our views on the euro-zone’s economic and inflation outlook. Register here.

8 September 2021

Capital Daily

Inflation & the outlook for E-Z & US Yields

While we think that 10-year government bond yields in both the US and the euro-zone will rise over the next few years, we expect increases in yields to be much smaller in the euro-zone given the outlook for inflation and monetary policy there.

31 August 2021
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