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Drop-In: Q3 Macro and Markets Outlook – From resilience to recession and beyond

Will activity continue to hold up, or will monetary tightening take an ever greater toll on advanced economies? How will policymakers respond to any mounting signs of weakness, and what will these macroeconomic forces do to shape the outcome for financial and commodities markets?

Group Chief Economist Neil Shearing led this special briefing with economists from our Macroeconomic, Financial Markets and Commodities teams to mark the publication of our Q3 Outlook reports.

During this 30-minute session, Neil and the team answered client questions about the performance of economies and markets through the remainder of 2023 and beyond, as they addressed key issues, including:

  • How economies will respond as the impact of higher rates feed through;
  • How soon DM central banks could start cutting interest rates;
  • Why we think equity markets face near-term pain but long-term gains.
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