EM goods exports may have passed the peak

After surging over the past year, the latest data provide signs that EM goods exports have now passed their peak. However, they are still likely to stay at elevated levels for some time yet.
Shilan Shah Senior India Economist
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Emerging Markets Economics Chart Book

Supply shortages take their toll

The supply shortages that have affected many DMs have also intensified in emerging economies over the past couple of months. The automotive sector has been hit hard by global semiconductor shortages, weighing on recoveries in Mexico, Czechia and Hungary in particular. More broadly, EM manufacturers are struggling to meet new orders, causing backlog of works to increase. Meanwhile, recent power shortages have weighed on recoveries in China, India and Brazil. As shortages continue, they are likely to not just weigh on growth, but also add to upward pressure to core inflation. That will probably keep central banks in Latin America and Central Europe in particular in tightening mode.

18 October 2021

Emerging Markets Economics Update

Car woes to weigh on recoveries in Mexico & CEE

The supply constraints that have hit global vehicle output have probably reduced the level of GDP by a modest 0.1-0.2% in most EM auto producers, but some countries like Czechia, Hungary and Mexico have suffered much bigger blows. And the drag from vehicle production is likely to persist for some time yet.

15 October 2021

Emerging Markets Economics Update

Emerging Markets Capital Flows Monitor

Net capital inflows into EMs appear to have dropped over the past few weeks as investors have turned more risk averse. Looking ahead, a further rise in US Treasury yields could lead to larger outflows from EMs over the coming months. The good news is that vulnerabilities to outflows in most major EMs look limited, but Turkey is a key exception.

13 October 2021

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India Economics Weekly

Bad bank starts to take shape

The contours of India’s long-awaited “bad bank” have emerged over the past couple of weeks. The bad bank will help to restructure the loans of heavily-indebted firms and facilitate a clean-up of the balance sheets of commercial banks. But there are limits to what it will achieve. Ultimately, a bad bank will only help to deal with the symptoms rather than the cause of banking sector problems.

16 July 2021

Emerging Markets Economics Update

Emerging Markets Capital Flows Monitor

Net capital outflows from emerging markets have picked up over the past month following the Fed’s more hawkish turn at the FOMC meeting in early June. Outflows may intensify over the coming months, but the macroeconomic fallout in the major EMs should be limited.

14 July 2021

India Economic Outlook

Rebound underway, but relapse risks grow

India’s ferocious second virus wave is subsiding as quickly as it emerged, enabling the recovery to get back on track. However, the rapid scaling back of containment measures that is underway increases the threat of further outbreaks. And beyond the initial reopening bounce, the weakness of the banking sector will also weigh on the recovery. Under these circumstances, the RBI is likely to tolerate a bout of higher inflation and keep policy loose over the next year.

1 July 2021
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