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From timely reactions to market developments to prescient deep dives into big picture issues such as the end of economic outperformance, this overview service provides insight into the cross-cutting themes and issues affecting emerging markets as a group. Our EM overview service includes access to a number of our proprietary indicators, including our monthly gauge of capital flows.

The subscription to this service includes 3-4 publications a week, access to our online research archive and our economists, and the opportunity to attend our conferences, forums and webinars.

  • Consensus-beating forecasts from one of the largest team of EM economists in the world.
  • Access to proprietary data that reveal what’s really happening in EMs.
  • Non-consensus, big picture analysis.

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Central banks shifting into easing mode

EM growth will be weaker than most expect over the coming quarters. And with inflation falling back at the same time, the nascent EM monetary easing cycle will broaden out. Strong wage pressures in Latin America and Emerging Europe will limit how far inflation falls and how far central banks there can cut interest rates. Inflation and rates are likely to be a lot lower across much of Asia. EM external and financial vulnerabilities are generally smaller than they were a few months ago, but we remain concerned about a handful of countries including Colombia, Turkey and some Frontier Markets.

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