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Drop-In: Unpacking the Fed, ECB and Bank of England September decisions

Will the FOMC’s September meeting confirm that the Fed is done with tightening? Will the ECB and Bank of England take rates higher? Will accompanying language give any hints about how long rates will stay elevated?

Economists from our US, Europe and UK teams came together shortly after the MPC’s decision on Thursday, 21st September for this online post-mortem of these central banks’ first post-summer decisions. During this 20-minute briefing, the team explained what lies ahead for DM policymaking amid signs of retreating inflation and economies softening, as well as answering client questions. The team also addressed key issues, including:

  • What lies ahead for US, European and UK inflation;
  • How long the Fed will keep rates at current levels before cutting;
  • Whether these decisions mark the end of the ECB and Bank of England tightening cycles.
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