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UK Drop-In: Bank of England – Another 50bps hike or back to 25bps?

Analysts are split on whether the BoE will repeat June’s 50bps rate hike at the August meeting or revert to the 25bps hikes now favoured by the Fed and the ECB. And the release of the BoE’s new Monetary Policy Report will provide some clues to just how far the BoE is willing to raise rates to solve the UK’s particularly painful inflation problem.

Chief UK Economist Paul Dales, Deputy Chief UK Economist Ruth Gregory, Senior UK Property Economist Andrew Wishart and Markets Economist Hubert de Barochez held an online briefing shortly after the BoE’s policy decision. During this 20-minute session, the team answered client questions and addressed key issues, including:

  • The latest signals from the Bank and what they mean for the outlook for the economy and interest rates;
  • The implications for mortgage rates and the housing market;
  • What to expect from sterling and Gilt markets.
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