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Property Drop-In: What are the risks around commercial real estate?

A degree of calm has returned to markets, but investors remain nervous about where the next blow-up could occur – and attention is increasingly focused on commercial real estate. But are the concerns about real estate justified and – if so – where in the sector do the risks lie? And even if real estate isn’t a direct threat to stability, how will it be affected in the economic fallout from the turmoil in the banking sector?

From direct bank exposures to open-ended funds, economists from across our Commercial Property services held this special online briefing about real estate’s potential vulnerabilities and answered client questions about the outlook. During this 20-minute session, the Chief Property Economist Andrew Burrell and the property team addressed key issues, including:

  • How the property sector could fuel contagion amid rising interest rates;
  • Why property won’t trigger a repeat of the Global Financial Crisis;
  • How the macroeconomic fallout from the turmoil could affect valuations.
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