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Taking stock of earnings expectations in US & Europe

We think expectations for corporate earnings in the US and most of Europe are unlikely to improve much further. One exception is the UK, where earnings expectations look a bit less upbeat.
Franziska Palmas Markets Economist
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DM Markets Chart Book

Markets are creaking but not (yet) breaking

So far, the sell-off across bond and equity markets this year has not triggered major signs of systemic risk. If that were to change, central banks would probably have to step in to prevent a destabilising cycle of panic selling and money market distress from taking hold, even if such as step would to some extent clash with their plans to tighten monetary policy further. This publication takes stock of the various signs of stress across the global financial system. We intend to update the analysis periodically while the current market turmoil continues. In view of the wider interest, we are making this Stress Monitor available to clients of our Global Markets, FX Markets, and Asset Allocation Services.

20 May 2022

Global Markets Update

Earnings may be the next headwind for the S&P 500

Despite its struggles yesterday, we think the S&P 500 may have some way further to fall as the economy slows and more companies struggle to meet optimistic earnings expectations. Note: We’ll be discussing the markets outlook in light of Wednesday’s sell-off in a 20-minute online briefing on 19th May at 10:30 ET/ 15:30 BST. Register now.

19 May 2022

Global Markets Update

Bear markets, monetary tightening and the S&P 500

The current struggles of the S&P 500 don’t have much in common with most previous “bear markets”, but we still think one is likely as the Fed presses ahead with monetary tightening.

18 May 2022

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Global Markets Update

We think DM yield curves will steepen again

While the recent rise in the yields of short-dated developed market (DM) government bonds looks overdone to us, we still think that the yields of long-dated bonds will resume their rise.

3 November 2021

Capital Daily

We still expect E-Z peripheral spreads to remain low

While the spreads of 10-year euro-zone “peripheral” government bonds have risen sharply since the ECB’s policy announcement last Thursday, we still expect them to remain very low over the next few years.

1 November 2021

Capital Daily

A few thoughts on developed market yield curves

While the flattening of developed markets (DM) yield curves since mid-October gathered pace yesterday, we still expect yield curves in most DMs to steepen again in the near term.

28 October 2021
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