We expect EM currencies to remain under pressure

We doubt that today’s rebound in emerging market currencies marks the start of a renewed rally and expect them to continue to depreciate against the US dollar over the next few years.
Jonathan Petersen Markets Economist
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Payrolls and the flattening Treasury yield curve

The ostensibly disappointing November US Employment Report released today has not dented expectations for near-term monetary tightening in the US at all, perhaps because of the growing signs this week that Fed officials have become more concerned about inflation. If policymakers are indeed determined to press ahead with tightening next year, even as the recoveries in the economy and labour market potentially slow, we could well see the Treasury yield curve flatten further.

3 December 2021

Capital Daily

We see little upside for developed market corporate bonds

Even if the global economy proves fairly resilient to Omicron, we don’t think that there is much scope for corporate bonds to perform better than government bonds over the coming years.

2 December 2021

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Omicron & Powell present risks to our Treasury yield view

The spread of the Omicron variant and Fed Chair Powell’s latest comments to Congress both present some downside risks to our view that the 10-year US Treasury yield will end next year some way above its current level.

1 December 2021

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Investor positioning may be one factor behind the fall in yields

Changes in investor positioning may help to explain some of the decline in 10-year US Treasury yields recently, as a large speculative net short position had built up in Q1. But we still think that the broader backdrop points to yields rising gradually over the next few years.

16 July 2021

Capital Daily

Rising US Treasury yields likely to drive DM bond yields higher

We continue to expect that a continued global economic recovery and high US inflation will cause US Treasury yields to rise and push long-term government bond yields in most other developed markets.

14 July 2021

FX Markets Weekly Wrap

Growth concerns buoy the dollar despite falling US yields

Although it has fallen back a bit today after China delivered a surprise cut to banks’ reserve requirements, the US dollar has otherwise continued to appreciate against most currencies. The dollar’s strength appears increasingly driven by concerns about the pace of the global economic recovery: “reflation” trades across currency, bond, and equity markets have remained under pressure, with bond yields falling particularly sharply. Next week’s key data releases include US inflation, which we expect to have risen further, and China GDP and activity data, which we think will show a further slowdown. That may reinforce concerns about the global economic outlook and support the dollar. In addition, Fed Chair Powell will testify to Congress on the economic outlook.

9 July 2021
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