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Economy powering ahead

The strength of the hard activity data for April refutes the recent message from financial markets that the economy is at risk of imminent recession. The solid gain in control group retail sales, together with upward revisions to past months leaves the underlying trend in consumer spending looking much stronger. Meanwhile the continued rebound in manufacturing output, in particular the recovery in vehicle output to the pre-pandemic level, illustrates how the gradual easing of supply shortages is supporting a rebound in production. With signs that core inflation is still running far too hot, the continued strength of economic activity supports the Fed’s decision to press ahead with 50bp rate hikes at the next couple of FOMC meetings. Nevertheless, we still expect a drop back in inflation later this year, alongside signs of a slowdown in economic activity will prompt the FOMC to shift back to 25bp hikes by the fall.
Paul Ashworth Chief North America Economist
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US Employment Report Preview

Employment growth slowing, but no sign of collapse

We forecast that payroll employment growth slowed fairly sharply in June, but remained solid at 250,000. That should be enough to keep the Fed on track for another 75bp rate hike in July.

Payrolls Drop-In (8th July, 10:00 ET/15:00 BST): Our US team will be briefing on the latest employment report, answering your questions as they address key issues including the inflation outlook, the Fed’s plans and the recession question. Register now.

30 June 2022

US Economics Update

Easing shortages to push down core goods inflation

There has been little sign that price pressures have eased yet, but the survey evidence suggests that supply shortages continue to improve. That reinforces our view that core goods inflation will fall over the second half of the year.

29 June 2022

US Economics Update

Recession Watch (Jun.)

While our models suggest that recession risks are still low, the Fed’s rapid policy tightening will trigger a marked slowdown in economic growth, which means that the risks are likely to build over the coming quarters. But suggestions that a recession is imminent or inevitable are well wide of the mark.

29 June 2022

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Canada Data Response

Consumer Prices (Apr.)

CPI inflation edged up to a new cyclical high of 6.8% in April, from 6.7%, and, together with the more marked increases in core inflation, that almost guarantees the Bank of Canada will hike its policy rate by another 50bp next month.

18 May 2022

US Data Response

Retail Sales (Apr.)

Never bet against the US consumer has always been a good adage to bear in mind throughout my 20-plus years in the markets. Despite the surge in prices weighing on their purchasing power, the US consumer now appears to be single-handedly keeping the global economy afloat again.

17 May 2022

US Economics Weekly

Inflation looking better under the hood

Fed officials will have been eyeing the flood of red on their screens this week with a growing sense of foreboding. Admittedly, for GDP growth to slow and inflation to fall, they want financial conditions to tighten, which includes lower equity prices, a stronger dollar and higher credit spreads. But they also want those adjustments in markets to be orderly and proportionate. With the S&P 500 down almost 19% since the start of the year, including 8% in the past week alone, what started out as an orderly repricing, in response to the Fed’s monetary tightening, is at risk of becoming a disorderly rout.

13 May 2022
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