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RBA to delay tapering to November

We expect the Reserve Bank of Australia to respond to the worsening virus outbreak in Sydney by delaying the tapering of its asset purchases from September to November. Even so, we still expect those purchases to end in mid-2022, with rate hikes to follow in early-2023.
Marcel Thieliant Senior Japan, Australia & New Zealand Economist
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Australia & New Zealand Economics Update

RBNZ will hike rates to 4% but cut next year

The RBNZ lifted the overnight cash rate by 50bp to 3% today as everyone had anticipated and signaled that it will deliver another 50bp hike in October. We now expect the Bank to hike rates to a peak of 4% instead of our previous forecast of 3.5%, but we still expect rate cuts next year.

17 August 2022

Australia & New Zealand Data Response

Australia Wage Price Index (Q2)

Wage growth surpassed its pre-virus peak in Q2 and will jump above 3% this quarter due to a surge in the minimum wage and a tightening labour market. Asia Drop-In (25th Aug.): What’s the economic impact of a weak yen? What does the latest China-Taiwan flare-up mean for decoupling? How ugly are conditions in China’s real estate sector? Join economists from across our Asia services for this regular briefing on the region’s big investment stories. Register now.

17 August 2022

Australia & New Zealand Economics Update

Higher migration not enough to cool labour market

An increase in the permanent migration programme will help to alleviate labour shortages. But the rapid tightening of the labour market in recent months has been driven by strong labour demand rather than a shortfall in supply. The upshot is that the RBA would still have to tighten policy further.

16 August 2022

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Australia & New Zealand Data Response

Australia Consumer Prices (Q2 2021)

Most of the surge in inflation in Q2 was driven by base effects that will unwind over the next couple of quarters, but we think that inflation will remain stronger than the RBA is anticipating.

28 July 2021

Australia & New Zealand Economics Update

Australia- How inflationary is the border closure?

We believe that the slump in net migration is holding back supply more than demand. Unless the government allows net migration to overshoot its pre-virus level for a prolonged period once the border reopens next year, we think that staff shortages will prove more inflationary than the RBA anticipates.

27 July 2021

Japan Data Response

Japan Flash PMIs (Jul. 2021)

Today’s flash PMI suggests that the services sector was hit by Tokyo’s state of emergency but we still expect activity to recover towards the end of this quarter.

26 July 2021
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