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Market pricing on RBA too aggressive

Despite the rise in virus cases in recent weeks, strong inflation in New Zealand increases the pressure on the RBNZ to tighten policy further. While we are sticking to our forecast of a 25bp hike in November, there is certainly a risk that the Bank decides to hike rates by 50bps. Meanwhile, in Australia, the RBA defended its yield target this week as markets continue to challenge the RBA’s view that rates will be on hold until 2024. We’re less hawkish than financial markets but we do think wage growth will pick up faster than the RBA expects. Indeed, we expect the Bank to start hiking rates in early 2023.
Ben Udy Australia and New Zealand Economist
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Australia & New Zealand Economics Weekly

Border reopening won’t ease labour shortages much

Australia’s government isn’t keen on opening the immigration floodgates once the border reopens to migrants next year and we still expect the unemployment rate to fall to 4% by 2023. Nor do we expect migration to ease labour shortages in New Zealand much next year. Nonetheless, New Zealand’s labour market is already very tight and with the RBNZ set to keep tightening monetary policy, we expect unemployment to creep higher over the next couple of years.

26 November 2021

Australia & New Zealand Data Response

Australia - Retail Sales (Oct. 2021)

The 4.9% m/m jump in retail sales in October brought them very close to their May peak and supports our view that consumption will reverse nearly all of the plunge during the lockdown this quarter.

26 November 2021

Australia & New Zealand Data Response

Australia Private Capex Survey (Q3 21)

Private capital expenditure dropped during the recent lockdowns but firms’ forecasts point to a strong rebound over the coming quarters.

25 November 2021

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Australia & New Zealand Data Response

New Zealand- Consumer Prices (Q3)

While we think the surge in inflation will start to abate in the year ahead, the strength will surely be worrying the RBNZ, supporting the case for further rate hikes.

18 October 2021

Australia & New Zealand Economics Weekly

Plans to double migration sound good in theory

The new NSW premier has received advice that Australia should double the pace of migration in the coming years to make up for lost population growth. That plan would help ease labour shortages, boost tax revenue and lift GDP growth. We already expect Australia to grow by more than the consensus anticipates next year, but if Australia is able to double the pace of migration growth, GDP would be even stronger than we expect.

15 October 2021

Australia & New Zealand Economics Update

RBNZ to continue hiking rates as restrictions ease

The RBNZ’s decision to begin its hiking cycle while Auckland is still in lockdown highlights that the New Zealand economy is on the brink of overheating. And as restrictions ease, we think the Bank will continue hiking rates in the months ahead.

6 October 2021
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