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Japan Drop-In: Will the BOJ hike rates again before the policy window closes?

With shifting Japanese inflation dynamics likely to shrink the Bank of Japan’s opportunity to tighten policy in the coming months, we think its July meeting will end with a decision to raise interest rates for the second – and final – time this year. 

But will the Bank move this time – and could Japan’s growth-inflation outlook argue for further tightening? 

Join our Japan and Markets economists for this special post-BOJ meeting briefing all about the Japanese economic and policy outlook. During this 20-minute briefing, the team will be answering your questions as they address key issues, including:

  • The BOJ’s latest decision and why it may not hike rates beyond July; 
  • The bond market outlook as the BOJ reduces monthly purchases;
  • Whether anything can stop the weakening of the yen.
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