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Global Drop-In: Is corporate greed to blame for high inflation?

Consumer anger is mounting, executives are on the defensive and politicians are scrambling to respond. The issue of ‘greedflation’ is inflaming the public discourse around inflation – but to what extent are companies really responsible for driving up prices in advanced economies, and do they therefore have a role to play in cooling them?

 Senior Economic Advisor Vicky Redwood and Senior Global Economist Simon MacAdam held a special briefing about Simon’s new analysis on why the ‘greedflation’ debate is fundamentally flawed – and what that means for the inflation and policy outlook. Ruth Gregory, our Deputy Chief UK Economist, was also on hand to explain what the ‘greedflation’ debate looks like from a UK economic and policy perspective.

During this 20-minute session, the team addressed key issues, including:

  • What’s wrong with claims that companies are responsible for driving up inflation;
  • The role that companies could play in cooling price pressures;
  • The economic risks around the policy response to ‘greedflation’.
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