Second wave may pull house prices back down

The second lockdown will have a smaller immediate impact than the first as the housing market is allowed to remain open this time. But it will also put the economic recovery into reverse and push the unemployment rate up to 9% next year. With policy support for the housing market fading at the same time, it looks increasingly likely that prices will fall in 2021.
Andrew Wishart Property Economist
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UK Housing Market Update

Should we be worried about rental arrears?

The early evidence suggests that the end of the evictions moratorium will not result in a huge wave of evictions. And while the end of the furlough scheme presents a risk, we suspect that the easing of restrictions will have allowed the economy to recover enough by that point to keep tenants in both their jobs and their homes.

11 June 2021

UK Housing Market Data Response

RICS Residential Market Survey (May)

The looming end of the stamp duty holiday has only applied the slightest dab to the brakes of the housing market thus far. But while the new buyer enquiries started to ease, sales instructions fell more sharply suggesting that strong demand relative to supply will continue to push up house prices in the near term.

10 June 2021

UK Housing Market Data Response

Mortgage Lenders and Administrators Statistics (Q1 21)

The rise in mortgage lending to its highest level since the financial crisis in Q1 was driven by a huge increase in existing homeowners moving. As a result, the 9% y/y increase in house prices recorded by the ONS in Q1 has been achieved without significant loosening in credit conditions.

8 June 2021

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UK Housing Market Data Response

Mortgage Lending (Apr.)

Mortgage approvals for house purchase rose for the first time since November in April as prospective buyers responded to the extension of the stamp duty holiday. But even before that modest increase, home purchase activity remained well above pre-virus levels.

2 June 2021

UK Housing Market Data Response

Nationwide House Prices (May)

The boost to demand from the extension to the stamp duty holiday caused annual house price inflation to hit a seven-year high in May, and it is set to rise further in June. Thereafter, the end of the tax break should cause house price growth to cool, but not collapse.

1 June 2021

UK Housing Market Update

Rents show supply deficiency in London & the South

House-price-to-earnings ratios are close to record highs even in regions where there isn’t a shortage of supply. But the varying cost of rent across the country suggests that limited supply is an important reason why house prices are even higher in the most expensive regions. We doubt that the government’s proposed reforms to the planning system will lead to a big enough increase in supply to change this.

26 May 2021
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