Valuations of US equities likely to fall back

We don’t expect the valuations of US equities to continue to rise over the rest of 2019. In fact, we expect the price/earnings (P/E) ratio of the S&P 500 to fall, and this is a key reason why we forecast that the index will drop by about 15% from its level now by the end of the year.
John Higgins Chief Markets Economist
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Global Markets Update

We don’t expect higher inflation to derail US equities

While we think that inflation in the US will prove more persistent than both the Fed and investors appear to anticipate, we still expect the S&P 500 to make some further gains over the next couple of years.

11 June 2021

Global Markets Update

We expect the tailwind to stocks from commodities to fade

The rise in commodity prices has boosted some commodity-heavy stock markets, but we suspect that it will run out of steam before long, limiting those stock markets’ gains over the next couple of years.

10 June 2021

Global Markets Update

Assessing the outlook for EM monetary policy & LC bonds

While we expect the yields of 10-year emerging market (EM) local-currency (LC) government bonds to increase as the US 10-year Treasury yield resumes its rise, we think increases in yields will generally be smaller than in the US. This reflects our view that most EM central banks will tighten policy more slowly than investors currently anticipate.

4 June 2021

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Asset Allocation Update

We expect a brighter future for Japan’s stock market

Although Japan’s stock market has substantially underperformed its counterparts in the US, UK and euro-zone during the past few months, we don’t expect it to remain a laggard.

28 May 2021

Capital Daily

US corporate bonds versus equities

The relative valuation of stock and corporate bond markets continues to make us doubt that equities in general are in a bubble. It remains very different to the situation before collapses in the US stock market in the late 1920s and early 2000s.

19 May 2021

Asset Allocation Update

We doubt the 10Y UST/Bund spread will keep shrinking

Although the spread between 10-year sovereign bond yields in the US and Germany has narrowed so far during the second quarter of this year, we doubt this will continue for much longer.

19 May 2021
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