Manufacturing PMIs (July)

The July PMIs for Emerging Asia point to sharp contractions in manufacturing in those places worst affected by the virus. With outbreaks likely to remain a key headwind for months to come, the rapid growth in industry over the past few quarters looks unlikely to be repeated.  
Alex Holmes Emerging Asia Economist
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Emerging Asia Economics Weekly

Two non-consensus calls on monetary policy

There are four major monetary policy meetings scheduled in the region next week. While we expect the central banks of Indonesia and Taiwan to leave rates unchanged, we are pencilling in a hike by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and a cut by Bangko Sentral Philipinas (BSP).

17 September 2021

Emerging Asia Economics Update

Can Sri Lanka avoid default?

Falling foreign exchange reserves, a declining currency and a high level of foreign currency debt mean the risk of a sovereign default in Sri Lanka is growing. While the country should be able to muddle through for the next few months, it faces a crunch point early next year when more bond repayments are due. A default is now looking the most likely option.

16 September 2021

Emerging Asia Economics Weekly

Encouraging signs in South East Asia

Virus outbreaks across South East Asia are in retreat. Having taken a severe hit from the most recent Delta wave, economic recoveries in the region should now resume. Falling virus cases and reopening should also help ease some of the supply-chain disruption caused by factory closures and workers having to quarantine.
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10 September 2021

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Emerging Asia Data Response

Korea Trade (July)

July data add to evidence that Korean exports are plateauing, after reaching very high levels. While we expect some softening ahead as final demand weakens a touch, a sharp pullback in exports is unlikely.    

2 August 2021

Emerging Asia Data Response

Taiwan GDP (Q2, provisional)

Taiwan’s economy only contracted slightly last quarter despite a major COVID outbreak, as strong exports cushioned the blow. Large backlogs of orders should keep exports elevated which, alongside a recovery in private consumption, will set the scene for a rebound in output over the second half of 2021.  

30 July 2021

Emerging Asia Economics Weekly

Virus now hitting industry in Malaysia and Vietnam

Industry in Malaysia and Vietnam was already feeling a pinch from restrictions and worker shortages brought about by a jump in COVID-19 cases, but the situation is deteriorating fast. Data early next week, including Korean trade figures for July and the manufacturing PMIs, should give us some indication of the extent of disruption. Any major hit to output would be felt further afield, with both countries key links in semiconductor and electronics supply chains.

30 July 2021
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