We expect long-dated Treasury yields to rise further still

The 10-year Treasury yield rose to its highest level since June on Friday amid growing concerns about inflation. We forecast that the yield will rise further over the coming years, as investors reassess how much the Federal Reserve will need to tighten policy to keep it under control, or else demand even greater compensation for inflation than they are now.
Joseph Marlow Assistant Economist
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Assessing the outlook for DM monetary policy & bonds

Even though we think that most major developed markets (DM) central banks will hike their policy rates more slowly than investors currently anticipate over the next two years, we still expect the yields of 10-year government bonds to rise at least a little in most major DMs over that time. We anticipate that the increase will be the largest in the US, where we think inflationary pressures are strongest.

20 October 2021

Capital Daily

Weaker growth, higher inflation and the impact on markets

The key message of our latest US Economic Outlook is that real economic growth is likely to be lower than widely anticipated, and inflation higher, over the next couple of years. That feeds into our view that gains in US equities will be limited in that time, while Treasury yields rise further.

19 October 2021

Capital Daily

We expect the rise in China’s bond yields to reverse

Rather than continue its recent rise, we think that the 10-year government bond yield in China will fall back over the next couple of years, even as US Treasury yields climb further.

18 October 2021

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FX Markets Update

We think the Norwegian krone’s rally is nearing its end

Although the krone has rallied this year on the back of high energy prices and the expectation of tighter monetary policy, we do not expect this to continue. We think slowing global growth and normalising energy prices will work against the krone over the next 12-18 months. Our view is that these headwinds will be balanced by more hawkish monetary policy, resulting in a broadly stable outlook for the krone. In view of the wider interest, we are also sending this FX Markets Update to clients of our Nordic & Swiss service

7 October 2021

Capital Daily

We doubt the rally in the US dollar is over

Even if the US dollar falls back a bit further in the near term, we expect it to resume its recent rally in due course.

30 September 2021
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