Despite RBA tapering, we expect a weaker Australian dollar

Despite today’s decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to taper its asset purchases, we think the Australian dollar will weaken against the US dollar over the remainder of the year.  
Thomas Mathews Markets Economist
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We doubt the sell-off in Gilts is over

We expect the 10-year Gilt yield to continue to rise over the next few years, but at a much slower pace than recently.

24 September 2021

Capital Daily

The divergence between the FOMC and financial markets

Judging by the reaction in bond markets to yesterday’s Fed announcement, investors are sceptical the central bank will have to hike rates by as much as it is signalling it will. But if, as we expect, inflationary pressures prove more sustained than investors think, long-term Treasury yields may ultimately rise.

23 September 2021

Capital Daily

A few thoughts on the FOMC meeting and Treasuries

We doubt that the Fed will spring a surprise today with its communications on tapering or by revising the timing of lift-off in its interest rate projections. But there is considerable uncertainty regarding the Fed’s new projections for interest rates in 2024.  Regardless of what they show, we would still expect long-dated Treasuries to rise over the coming years.

22 September 2021

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Global Markets Update

Four points on tapering and government bond yields

We don’t think tapering by the Fed will cause long-term Treasury yields to rise sharply, although it may contribute some upward pressure. But we do think those yields will rise quite a bit anyway, mainly because of the outlook for inflation in the US.

3 September 2021

EM Markets Chart Book

China’s growth slowdown may hold back EM equities

We think slower growth in China will continue to weigh on the country’s stock market, as well as those of some other emerging markets (EMs).

27 August 2021

DM Markets Chart Book

Fed’s inflation tolerance may lead to higher bond yields

A year after the Fed announced its new policy framework, we think that bond markets still don’t fully reflect the likelihood of a prolonged period of above-target inflation.

25 August 2021
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