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Climate Drop-In: Forget COP27 – Economic and market forces will drive the green transition

We don’t think COP27 is likely to achieve much. At the heart of our new Climate Economics coverage is the idea that economic and market forces – far more than government diktat – will drive the green transition. As the challenge of tackling climate change takes on ever greater global urgency, we’ll be explaining the economic and market risks and opportunities ahead.

In this 20-minute briefing, Group Chief Economist Neil Shearing, Caroline Bain, our Chief Commodities Economist, and David Oxley, who leads our climate coverage, addressed key issues in climate, including:

  • Why climate change needn’t be a negative for growth – and which economies stand to gain and lose the most;
  • Why COP27 will be a bust;
  • How the war in Ukraine has fundamentally changed Europe’s energy mix.
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