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Will the London retail premium be reasserted?

The rental growth premium enjoyed by Central London shops has disappeared in the pandemic. And we don’t expect it to reopen, as lower footfall in the capital, the slow recovery in tourist arrivals and higher vacancy rates weigh on rental growth.
Pieter Du Preez Property Economist
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UK Commercial Property Update

Build to Rent will continue to thrive

The latest figures suggest that Build to Rent (BTR) investment has continued to expand rapidly. Despite this trend, which predates COVID-19, the sector remains under-developed by international standards. But with plenty of opportunities for investors, we expect that gap will close over the longer term.

16 August 2022

UK Commercial Property Update

Global trends point to a more difficult decade ahead

Commercial property wasn’t initially hit by the worsening in economic conditions at the turn of the year, but there are now growing signs of anxiety. Not only that, but even if the economic gloom is short lived and any downturn is mild, we expect structural factors to make for a listless global real estate recovery. In view of the wider interest, we are also sending this UK Commercial Property Update to clients of our European and US Commercial Property Services.

12 August 2022

UK Commercial Property Valuation Monitor

Valuations worsen further, but may be bottoming out

Commercial property valuations worsened for the sixth quarter in a row in Q2, and for all-property is now the most overvalued since late 2007. But since the end of June gilt yields have edged back and we doubt they will match their previous peak over the next couple of years. With property yields also set to rise we therefore doubt that valuations will continue to deteriorate.

11 August 2022

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UK Commercial Property Data Response

Lending to commercial property (Feb.)

Net lending to property eased further in February, though it remained in positive territory. We expect lending trends to remain fairly subdued as both economic and sector specific challenges loom over the coming months.

29 March 2022

UK Commercial Property Update

Is the north-south divide closing for industrial?

The latest data from the industrial sector were predictably upbeat with strong take-up and dwindling supply driving rapid rental growth. There were also signs of important shifts across UK markets that we think may be significant enough to re-cast our short-term forecasts in favour of the northern regions.

25 March 2022

UK Commercial Property Update

Shopping centres not out of the woods yet

Shopping centres were the hardest hit commercial property sector during the pandemic. The latest data hint that the sector may be past the worst. But the outlook remains clouded by the threat of online shopping and weak in-store retail spending. Commodities Drop-In (24 March, 11:00 EDT/15:00 GMT): Our Commodities team will be exploring how the war in Ukraine is shaking up commodity markets, from oil to wheat, while tackling some of the big market questions – not least whether we’re in for 1970s-style oil supply shocks. Register here.

23 March 2022
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