Hoping for some better times ahead

Signs of a recovery in industrial commodity demand were emerging at the beginning of 2020. Indeed, the economic data have improved and investor concern surrounding the US-China trade war has eased. But the recent coronavirus outbreak in China quickly put paid to any renewed sense of optimism. For now, our central case is that the price moves since the outbreak will be reversed as the virus is brought under control, and that base metals will outperform later this year as gold prices fall back. But if China’s economy remains locked down for many months, prices could yet fall further.
Caroline Bain Chief Commodities Economist
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Industrial Metals Update

Green transition to help charge cobalt prices

Cobalt prices have soared in 2021 to almost double the 2020 average price of $31,726 per tonne. We expect the growth in EV production and issues around supply to continue to push prices higher in 2022.

2 December 2021

Metals Data Response

Global Steel Production (Oct.)

Global steel production contracted again in y/y terms in October, mainly owing to lower Chinese production. China’s output may rebound a little in the coming months as power rationing has come to an end, but weaker domestic demand will act as a disincentive.

23 November 2021

Metals Data Response

Global Aluminium Production (Oct.)

October’s IAI data suggest the easing of power restrictions in China has enabled greater utilisation rates at smelters, driving the global increase in output this month. We think that aluminium output will remain high over the rest of this year, incentivised by the high price. However, we expect that the slowing of the Chinese construction sector will weigh on demand and prices in 2022.

22 November 2021

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Commodities Update

China PMIs may be as good as it gets

The key takeaways from China’s May survey data are that while demand remains robust, supply shortages are leading to inventory drawdowns and price inflation. The data are broadly positive for commodity demand, but we think the withdrawal of fiscal stimulus will slow economic activity in the coming months.

1 June 2021

Industrial Metals Update

Calling time on the rally in US steel prices

Limited domestic supply, expensive imports and strong growth in demand have fuelled the rally in US steel prices. But with supply set to improve, at a time of softer growth in demand, prices should fall.

26 May 2021

Metals Data Response

Global Steel Production (Apr.)

Global steel production rose again in April as lower output in India, in particular, was offset by sizeable jumps in production in China, Russia and Brazil. For now, virus-containment measures remain a key driver of global supply, but high global prices mean that where they can, producers are raising output.

21 May 2021
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