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China aluminium output: how worried should we be?

Aluminium prices have recently been boosted by a series of supply outages in China. But unlike Chinese steel production, where declines have been driven largely by government policy which looks here to stay, we suspect that the falls in aluminium output will unwind before long.
Kieran Clancy Commodities Economist
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Metals Data Response

Global Steel Production (Apr.)

Global steel production fell in y/y terms in April, as all major producers bar India recorded declines. High energy costs and soft demand for steel are both likely to persist for much of the remainder of this year, hindering any large upticks in production. In China, producers will also be under pressure to meet state emission targets.

24 May 2022

Metals Data Response

Global Aluminium Production (Apr.)

After a weak start to the year, it looks increasingly as though a rebound in China’s output will more than offset lower production in Russia and Europe so that global production will rise a touch this year. That said, supply in the world ex China will remain constrained, even assuming higher exports from China.

20 May 2022

Industrial Metals Update

Weaker demand to enable stocks to build

Exchange stocks of base metals have fallen so far this year as high power costs have choked the supply of refined metals. Yet, we expect stocks to build as a weaker economic outlook for key metal consuming regions will weigh on demand, and easing energy prices should enable supply to recover slightly.

13 May 2022

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Commodities Update

China PMIs support our forecast of lower metals prices

The China PMI data for August continue to suggest that commodity demand in the world’s largest consumer is coming off the boil. As a result, the wedge between industrial metals prices and the China activity data has continued to grow, which underpins our view that prices will drop back by year-end.

1 September 2021

Energy Focus

The impact of renewables on energy commodities

We think that the adoption rate of renewable electricity will accelerate in the decades ahead, which should contribute to a near-continuous decline in demand for coal. Demand for natural gas should still eke out some growth over the next decade or so owing in part to its use as a back-up in renewables-based electricity systems, but the outlook beyond 2030 is similarly bleak.

26 August 2021

Metals Data Response

Global Aluminium Production (Jul.)

Aluminium prices have recently been supported by reports that government-imposed power rationing has weighed on production in China, but there is little evidence of this in the latest data for July. This supports our view that constraints on the supply side won’t be enough to offset weaker demand in the months ahead, which underpins our forecast that aluminium prices will end the year lower.

20 August 2021
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