We now expect E-Z “peripheral” spreads to widen a bit

We now think that, rather than remaining broadly stable, the spreads of euro-zone “peripheral” bonds will widen somewhat over the next two years as the ECB gradually normalises monetary policy. That said, we still expect spreads to remain low by historical standards.
Franziska Palmas Markets Economist
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Tech sector valuations may have even further to fall

Even though the valuations of technology stocks have, in general, already fallen sharply in recent weeks, we suspect they may decline further over the next couple of years. This is one reason why we expect the sectors in which they are heavily represented to make limited gains, at best, over that period.

25 January 2022

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Fed tightening & the outlook for US corporate bonds

Our baseline forecast envisages that US corporate bond spreads rise only slightly as the Fed raises interest rates over the next couple of years. But we think the risks to this forecast are skewed to higher spreads.

21 January 2022

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We think that China’s equities will continue to struggle

Even though we doubt that China’s equities will fare anywhere near as badly over the next couple of years as they did in 2021, we do not expect them to make strong gains from here either.

14 January 2022

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Taking stock of earnings expectations in US & Europe

We think expectations for corporate earnings in the US and most of Europe are unlikely to improve much further. One exception is the UK, where earnings expectations look a bit less upbeat.

12 November 2021

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We think DM yield curves will steepen again

While the recent rise in the yields of short-dated developed market (DM) government bonds looks overdone to us, we still think that the yields of long-dated bonds will resume their rise.

3 November 2021

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We still expect E-Z peripheral spreads to remain low

While the spreads of 10-year euro-zone “peripheral” government bonds have risen sharply since the ECB’s policy announcement last Thursday, we still expect them to remain very low over the next few years.

1 November 2021
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