What to make of the commodity currency divergence

Several emerging market commodity currencies have struggled this year, despite the rally in most commodity prices. We think that most will face further headwinds, even the current valuation gap may provide some buffer.
Jonas Goltermann Senior Markets Economist
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FX Markets Weekly Wrap

Dollar rally pauses as Fed & US data disappoint

Following a strong run over the past month, the US dollar has weakened across the board this week after some softer-than-expected US data and a non-committal FOMC. Next week’s key data releases include the ISM manufacturing survey and the all-important non-farm payrolls report. We expect further disappointment on the data front, which could easily lead to a deeper retrenchment for the greenback. That said, its recent strength has been driven to a significant extent by worries about the spread of the “delta” variant and risks in China’s economy and financial system. Both remain wildcards that may keep the dollar strong near term.

30 July 2021

FX Markets Chart Book

We expect more upside for the US dollar

We continue to think that the US dollar will rise further in the second half of the year as the divergence between the US and other major economies in terms of growth and, especially, inflation persists.

27 July 2021

FX Markets Weekly Wrap

The FOMC announcement may extend the dollar rally

While the US dollar has fallen back a little against most currencies in the second half of the week as the sharp sell-off in risky assets and currencies on Monday was reversed, it looks set to end the week slightly stronger, continuing its strong run since the June FOMC meeting.

23 July 2021

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FX Markets Update

Taking stock of the carry trade after the FOMC’s surprise

While the shift towards rate hikes in several key emerging markets has provided a boost to their currencies, we doubt that the carry trade will fare as well in the second half of the year.

6 July 2021

Capital Daily

This may be as good as it gets for the Aussie and Kiwi

Although the RBA’s hawkish message today and further strong data out of New Zealand sent the Aussie and Kiwi higher, we are becoming less confident in our existing, bullish forecasts for both currencies. In our view, much of the good news on strong domestic recoveries and monetary policy normalisation in Australia and New Zealand is now discounted, but the downside risks from the economic slowdown in China and its impact on commodity prices are underappreciated.

6 July 2021

FX Markets Weekly Wrap

The US dollar rally may have further to run

The US dollar is ending the week stronger against most currencies, although it has fallen back a little this afternoon despite the stronger-than-expected non-farm payrolls report. While that reaction is perhaps a bit puzzling, the bigger picture is that the greenback has extended its post-FOMC rally against the other major currencies this week. We expect it to make further headway, provided that US data continue to come in strong.

2 July 2021
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