Property sector leverage, China’s CPTPP bid

Evergrande is the poster child for the excesses of China’s property sector, and its short-term liabilities are particularly high. But the sector is full of similarly-leveraged peers. Indeed, nearly all of the huge expansion in the leverage of listed Chinese firms since the Global Financial Crisis was driven by property developers. Meanwhile, Australia’s new security pact with the US and UK underlines how unlikely it is that China’s bid this week to join the CPTPP will succeed.
Julian Evans-Pritchard Senior China Economist
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China Data Response

China GDP (Q3), Activity & Spending (Sep.)

In q/q terms, official GDP growth slowed to a crawl last quarter. And our China Activity Proxy points to a sharp contraction. Although some of the recent weakness in services is now reversing, industry and construction appear on the cusp of a deeper downturn.

18 October 2021

China Economics Weekly

Property downturn deepens, triggering easing

Supply-side disruptions mean there is an unusual amount of uncertainty about China’s recent economic performance. But one thing that’s clear is that the property sector downturn has gathered pace in recent weeks. Policymakers have responded by allowing banks to step up mortgage lending. Other easing measures are likely to follow, including rate cuts. But limits on developer financing are here to stay.

15 October 2021

China Data Response

China Consumer & Producer Prices (Sep.)

Producer price inflation reached a new high last month due to the surge in global coal prices. There are few signs that this is feeding through to higher output prices of consumer goods, however. The overall inflation outlook remains benign, with PPI inflation likely to drop back around the turn of the year and CPI inflation set to remain muted for the foreseeable future.

14 October 2021

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China Economics Focus

Mapping decoupling

China and countries that align more closely with it than with the US together account for around half of the world’s population. But the China bloc is far smaller economically than the US bloc and far more dependent on the rival bloc as a source both of imports and of export demand. Our decoupling map illustrates the economic challenge that division from the West would pose for China.

17 September 2021

China Data Response

China Activity & Spending (Aug.)

The hit to service activity from last month’s virus outbreak was even larger than we, and other forecasters, had anticipated. The rest of the economy held up better, although the headwinds facing the property sector appear to be intensifying.

15 September 2021

China Data Response

China Bank Lending & Broad Credit (Aug.)

Credit growth dropped in August to its slowest pace since December 2018. With the PBOC now shifting gears to a slightly more supportive stance, credit growth may level off in the coming quarters. But the usual lags mean that tight credit conditions will remain a headwind to economic activity in the near-term.

10 September 2021
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