We see little upside for developed market corporate bonds

Even if the global economy proves fairly resilient to Omicron, we don’t think that there is much scope for corporate bonds to perform better than government bonds over the coming years.
Nicholas Farr Assistant Economist
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We think emerging market currencies will generally fall from here

Although emerging market currencies have held up surprisingly well so far this year amid the volatility in global equity markets, we think they will weaken in general against the US dollar before too long.

26 January 2022

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We think the fundamental backdrop for gold remains negative

Despite its surprising resilience over the past few weeks, we still think the price of gold will fall to $1,600/oz. by the end of 2022.

25 January 2022

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Assessing the relative risks from big tech to broad equity indices

US “big tech” hasn’t been spared in 2022’s stock market rout, which has gathered quite a lot more momentum today. Its prior outperformance of the rest of the NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500 was, however, mainly driven by earnings rather than valuations. So, there is arguably little reason to think that big tech will become a disproportionate drag on these indices if sentiment continues to sour.

24 January 2022

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We think that Gilt yields will rise by less than Treasury yields

Although today’s UK inflation release has probably raised the likelihood that the Bank of England lifts interest rates next month, we think that investors are pricing in too many hikes over the next couple of years and are overestimating the strength of inflation further ahead. This contrasts with our view on US inflation, and informs our forecast that the 10-year Gilt yield will rise by less than the 10-year Treasury yield.

17 November 2021

Global Markets Update

We expect Chinese government bond yields to decline

In contrast with our expectations for sovereign bond yields to rise around the rest of the world, we think that the 10-year Chinese government bond yield will decline over the next couple of years as the country’s central bank loosens monetary policy in response to a deepening domestic economic slowdown.

12 November 2021

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Property sector woes not the only headwind for China’s equities

The weakness in China’s real estate sector is only one of a number of reasons why we think that the country’s equities will remain under pressure over the coming years

9 November 2021
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