The ECB’s new guidance and its implications for E-Z bonds

We don’t think the changes to the ECB’s guidance announced today or the Bank’s recent strategy review materially alter the near-term outlook for government bonds in the euro-zone. However, they make us even more confident in our view that the yields of euro-zone government bonds will rise only gradually over next few years and that “peripheral” spreads will remain low.
Franziska Palmas Markets Economist
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How the new coronavirus variant is shaking up markets

It’s impossible to say with certainty how much of a threat the new coronavirus variant emerging in southern Africa poses, but a few aspects of the market reaction so far may shed some light on what to expect over the next few weeks if the news is bad.

26 November 2021

Capital Daily

We think E-Z peripheral spreads will widen further, eventually

While the accounts of the ECB’s October meeting and recent comments by some ECB officials suggest to us that there might not be much scope for euro-zone “peripheral” spreads to increase further in the near term, we still expect them to widen slightly in the next year or two as the ECB gradually normalises monetary policy.

25 November 2021

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Steeper NZ yield curve may be sign of things to come elsewhere

We think developed market yield curves will generally steepen in the near term, as central banks don’t deliver as many rate hikes as appear to be discounted in markets.

24 November 2021

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Global Markets Update

We expect Bund yields to rise, but only gradually

Though we think that the recent decline in the 10-year Bund yield is an overreaction, we expect it to rise only a little over the next couple of years, and by less than yields in many other developed markets.

22 July 2021

Capital Daily

We still expect high US inflation to weigh on Treasuries

While the Treasury market shrugged off another stronger-than-expected CPI print today, we continue to expect the US 10-year Treasury yield to rise over the next few years, as high inflation proves more persistent than generally expected.

13 July 2021

Capital Daily

We don’t think the sell-off in risky assets will continue

While we think that the stellar performance of many “risky assets” over the past year will not be replicated over the next few, we also doubt today’s generalised sell-off will continue.

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8 July 2021
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