Omicron, Powell and the US dollar

With financial markets already firmly in risk-off mode following the emergence of the Omicron variant, Fed Chair Powell’s suggestion that the FOMC may still increase the pace of policy tightening has added further pressure on risky assets and reversed much of the dollar’s weakness over the past few days. Should policymakers stick to their guns on policy tightening, we may well see further dollar strength in the coming weeks.
Jonas Goltermann Senior Markets Economist
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More thoughts on developments under the hood of the NASDAQ

Although the prices of a growing number of shares in the NASDAQ 100 have been floundering recently, we are still not convinced that this heralds an imminent collapse in the index.

17 January 2022

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We doubt that EM equities will continue to outperform

While emerging market (EM) equities have performed better than developed market (DM) equities so far this year, we don’t think that this pattern is likely to continue.

14 January 2022

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Dollar drop is at odds with increasingly hawkish Fed

The US dollar has started the year on the backfoot and there are several factors that may weigh on it further in the near term. But we think that the Fed’s increasingly rapid shift towards a tighter policy stance will eventually push the greenback higher against most other currencies this year.

13 January 2022

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FX Markets Weekly Wrap

COVID throws another curveball

News late yesterday of a new and potentially more dangerous variant of COVID-19 emerging in South Africa has made a dramatic impact on financial markets today. In general, market shifts have been similar to those in previous periods of renewed uncertainty around the path of the pandemic. Risky assets and currencies have fallen across the board today, while bond yields have dropped sharply and safe havens – notably the yen – have rallied. Short-term rate expectations, which had risen significantly in the US and other DMs over recent months, have been pared back rapidly.

26 November 2021

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Rising US rates bigger worry for EMs than Turkey contagion

Turkey’s currency crisis – the lira is down another ~11% against the US dollar today, and ~35% in two months – is now reaching a scale where it raises the question of how badly it will affect other economies and financial markets. Overall, our view is that the risk of direct contagion from Turkey looks limited, but that the global backdrop for emerging markets is worsening.

23 November 2021

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What to make of renewed COVID concerns

The news that lockdowns are once again being imposed in parts of Europe puts COVID-19 and its impact on economic activity and financial markets back into back into focus. While predicting the course of the pandemic is as tricky as ever, the past eighteen months arguably provide some guidance as to how a worsening outbreak would affect markets.

22 November 2021
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