Immigration target unlikely to be met this year

Immigration target unlikely to be met this year

The government signalled its commitment to its new immigration target this week, but disruption from the pandemic will probably prevent immigration from picking up meaningfully until at least the end of 2021.
Stephen Brown Senior Canada Economist
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Bank to taper asset purchases

As it is widely anticipated that the Bank of Canada will taper its asset purchases next week, the more significant development may be the introduction of a new range of indicators that the Bank will use to monitor labour market slack. These should help us to gauge the extent to which the Bank’s reaction function has changed since the pandemic.

7 July 2021

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Residential investment now the key downside risk

The sheer scale of the surge in residential investment since the pandemic means it now presents a key downside risk to the outlook. At best, the widely held assumption that residential investment will remain high for years looks too rosy. At worst, a slump in residential investment could trigger the next recession.

6 July 2021

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Business Outlook & Consumer Expect. Surveys (Q2)

The Bank of Canada’s latest surveys show more evidence of inflationary pressures building but, given firms and consumers expect higher inflation to be temporary, the Bank is unlikely to be too concerned.

5 July 2021
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