Taking stock of potential corporate tax reforms

This Update answers several questions on the Biden administration’s latest proposals for US corporate taxes as well as the global tax deal recently agreed among the world’s major economies. The proposed changes are probably, at the margin, a reason to think that US equities will underperform. Within the US market, we suspect the earnings of technology and pharmaceuticals companies would see the largest hit.
Oliver Allen Markets Economist
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Asset Allocation Update

Our outlook for fx-hedged returns in 2022

When it comes to developed markets (DMs), we suspect that fx-hedged returns will be significantly better than unhedged returns for US dollar-based investors in foreign-currency-denominated assets.

17 January 2022

Asset Allocation Update

EM equities may continue to underperform in 2022-23

We think that emerging market (EM) equities will continue to underperform their developed market (DM) peers over the next couple of years, even if that underperformance is far less stark than it was in 2021.

13 January 2022

Asset Allocation Update

Case for US equity underperformance is looking strong

Although mid- and large-cap equities have fared better in the US than the rest of the developed world in most years since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), we think the chances of it happening in 2022 are slim.

10 January 2022

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Asset Allocation Update

We expect LatAm equities to trail those in EM EMEA

We think that MSCI’s Emerging Markets (EM) Latin America Index will continue to underperform its EM EMEA Index over the next couple of years, albeit not to the same extent as it has in 2021 so far.

12 November 2021

Capital Daily

Why isn’t high inflation taking a greater toll on the stock market?

US equities have shrugged off this year’s surge in inflation, probably because it has not coincided with either a rise in the real yields of Treasuries or weakness in corporate earnings. We expect a gradual climb in real yields and underwhelming economic growth to hold back the US stock market from here.

11 November 2021

Capital Daily

Inflation compensation, Treasury yields & the US stock market

While we do not expect a tumble in the US stock market, we doubt that it will remain quite as resilient in the face of rising US Treasury yields as it has in recent weeks.

25 October 2021
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