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Four reasons why we expect further falls in EM equities

We think that stock markets in the emerging world will continue to struggle alongside their developed market peers over the next eighteen months or so, for four main reasons. Markets Drop-In (22nd June, 10:00 ET/15:00 BST): Join our Markets team for this special briefing on the outlook for equities, bonds and FX and a discussion about revisions to our forecasts. Register now
Kieran Tompkins Assistant Economist
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Global Markets Update

Challenges ahead for Brazil’s stock market

Brazil’s stock market has fared better than most this year, but we forecast it to fall ~15% over the rest of 2022. And while we expect it to rebound over the following couple of years, we think falling commodity prices and mounting fiscal risks will limit the scale of its rally.

12 August 2022

Global Markets Update

Central bank “pivots” and the recent equity market rally

The anticipation of quick reversals of central bank rate hikes has probably supported equity markets of late, but we suspect investors have become overly optimistic and still think equity prices will end this year, in general, below their current levels.

12 August 2022

Global Markets Update

What a Taiwan Strait crisis could mean for markets

While China-Taiwan tensions haven’t yet caused ructions in global financial markets, any escalation that threatened to disrupt trade and/or financial flows almost certainly would. This Update explores the potential ramifications of such an event across bond, equity and FX markets. Markets Drop-In (9th Aug): Chief Markets Economist John Higgins leads this 20-minute briefing on our latest quarterly Outlook reports from our Global Markets, Asset Allocation and FX Markets services. Register now.  

5 August 2022

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Capital Daily

Three market implications of the EU’s embargo on Russian oil

We think that, at the margin, the EU’s embargo on Russian oil, announced yesterday, adds to reasons to expect the yields of long-dated government bonds to rise, equities to struggle and commodity currencies to outperform over the rest of this year.

31 May 2022

Capital Daily

Stock-bond correlation may stay positive for some time yet

While the relationship between the US stock market and government bond prices has reverted towards “normal” over the past couple of weeks, we doubt that this will last; we expect equity and bond prices to be positively correlated for some time yet as central banks struggle to get inflation back to target.

30 May 2022

Capital Daily

Some market implications of China’s lockdowns

China’s slowdown could keep the renminbi under pressure, and may have gloomy implications for global markets as well.

16 May 2022
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