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Housing market jitters, demographic decline

Homebuyers across China are banding together to pause mortgage payments in response to construction delays on presold apartments. For now these boycotts are small in scale. But they could become more widespread. And even if they don’t, they could still alter the behaviour of banks and homebuyers in ways that threaten the nascent recovery in home sales.
Julian Evans-Pritchard Senior China Economist
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China Economics Weekly

PBOC turns less dovish on inflation

The PBOC’s latest monetary policy report struck a less dovish tone, warning that inflationary pressure may increase in the near-term. We think these concerns are overdone and that inflation is more likely to drop back over the rest of the year. But for now at least, the PBOC appears to see inflation risks as yet another reason to maintain its restrained approach to stimulus.

12 August 2022

China Data Response

China Bank Lending & Broad Credit (Jul.)

Credit growth dropped back last month, with property market jitters weighing on bank lending. It may continue to disappoint in the near-term given that sentiment among homebuyers is likely to stay weak and government borrowing is on course to slow.

12 August 2022

China Data Response

China Consumer & Producer Prices (Jul.)

Consumer price inflation rose to a 24-month high in July and is now nearing the government’s target of 3%. But that is still very low by global standards, and we think headline inflation is close to a peak and will drop back over the coming quarters. Meanwhile, producer price inflation fell to its lowest in 17 months.

10 August 2022

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China Data Response

China GDP (Q2), Activity & Spending (Jun.)

The statistics bureau claim that output in Q2 was slightly higher than a year ago. That’s implausible even accounting for the strong rebound shown on the monthly data for June.

15 July 2022

China Data Response

China Trade (Jun.)

Import volumes fell to a three-year low last month, pointing to continued weakness in China’s construction sector. Exports rebounded strongly as shipping bottlenecks eased. But we think this may be the last hurrah for China’s pandemic export boom before shipments drop back on cooling demand.

13 July 2022

China Economics Update

Bond rollout intended to prevent infrastructure slump

Policymakers are reportedly bringing forward some planned government bond issuance from next year to support infrastructure investment in the second half of 2022. This will help avert the slump in investment that was imminent without new funding and should ensure that infrastructure remains a relative bright spot in the economy. But this doesn’t constitute major stimulus that would fuel a significant acceleration in infrastructure spending over the rest of the year.

8 July 2022
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