The implications for China and the world of eCNY

In this Focus we detail what is known about how China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) will operate, when it will launch, what the People’s Bank is trying to achieve, and whether it will succeed. One conclusion is that the launch of eCNY will do nothing to relax the constraints that have prevented the renminbi being widely adopted in international trade or as a reserve currency. Indeed, we argue that the People’s Bank will have to compel eCNY’s use for it even to take off within China.
Mark Williams Chief Asia Economist
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China Economics Weekly

US-China rivalry: industrial policy, vaccine diplomacy

The US Senate took a leaf out of China’s industrial policy playbook this week by passing USICA, a bill that earmarks $190bn in federal funding for strategic sectors and bears striking similarities with Beijing’s controversial Made in China 2025 plan. But despite some overlap, China’s industrial policies clearly remain far broader in scope and run a much greater risk of hindering rather than helping productivity growth. Another burgeoning area of US-China competition is vaccine diplomacy. Here China has the clear lead, at least in terms of the quantity of vaccine exports. And the ongoing surge in domestic production and vaccination rates means that China could soon flood the world with doses on a far larger scale than other countries, including the US.

11 June 2021

China Data Response

China Bank Lending & Broad Credit (May)

Broad credit growth continued to slide in May and is now at its slowest since February last year. Evidence of policy tightening weighing on borrowing is clearest in bank loan growth which, apart from during last year’s lockdown, is at its weakest in nearly two decades. This will become a headwind to the economy in the second half of the year.

10 June 2021

China Data Response

China Consumer & Producer Prices (May)

Producer price inflation continued to surge and reached its highest level since September 2008 last month, on the back of a further rise in global commodity prices. That said, there are some signs in the data that upward pressure on the factory-gate prices of consumer electronics may be starting to ease. And while consumer price inflation continued to rise, it remains relatively contained.

9 June 2021

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China Economics Weekly

PBOC’s turn to target currency manipulators

After regulators last week pledged to root speculators out from the domestic commodity market, this week it was the turn of the People’s Bank to tackle manipulation in the currency market, which it abhors. We suspect though that, as with commodity prices, it will be fundamental forces rather than these campaigns that cause the renminbi to weaken over coming months.

28 May 2021

Emerging Asia Economics Update

Taiwan: capacity constraints and global chip supply

Taiwan’s economy is being buffeted by several apparently unconnected shocks – a drought, power outages and an outbreak of COVID-19. But they are all linked to severe capacity shortages resulting from the extraordinary strength of global electronics demand. With export orders still sky-high, domestic capacity constraints and global chip shortages will persist.

21 May 2021

China Data Response

Bank Lending & Broad Credit (Apr.)

Both bank lending and broad credit dropped off more sharply than most expected in April. Apart from during last year’s lockdown, loan growth hasn’t been this slow in nearly two decades.

12 May 2021
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