Australia - Vaccine rollout has yet to alter health situation
Australia & New Zealand

Australia - Vaccine rollout has yet to alter health situation

With Sydney tightening its lockdown and the one in Victoria set to be extended, we now expect GDP to shrink by 0.5% q/q in Q3. The vaccine rollout isn’t advanced enough yet to ease the medical situation meaningfully, but it is set to keep accelerating and render lockdowns obsolete by the end of the year.
Marcel Thieliant Senior Japan, Australia & New Zealand Economist
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Australia & New Zealand Economics Update

Hawkish RBA to hike rates in early-2023

The Reserve Bank of Australia delivered a hawkish surprise by not delaying the tapering of its bond purchases. And by predicting that it will hit its full employment mandate and make further progress towards its inflation target, it has opened the door for earlier rate hikes than its current guidance of 2024.    

3 August 2021

Australia & New Zealand Data Response

Australia CoreLogic House Prices (Jul.)

House prices are continuing to surge and forward indicators suggest the upswing has a little further to run. Even so we think house price growth will slow in 2022.

2 August 2021

Australia & New Zealand Chart Book

Vaccination threshold may be hit in four months

With new virus cases hitting fresh highs this week, Sydney’s lockdown has been extended until end-August and looks set to last for months given the high transmissibility of the Delta variant. Melbourne also briefly re-entered lockdown this month, though restrictions have now been lifted. Other states may manage to keep Delta at bay, but with NSW accounting for one-third of nationwide output, we’re forecasting a 1% q/q decline in Q3 GDP. However, we expect growth to rebound in Q4. The government has now announced that the domestic economy will fully reopen when 70% of the eligible population are fully vaccinated. We estimate that may happen in about four months if daily vaccinations reach 0.8% of the population by the end of this quarter and stay there until year-end, from 0.6% over the past week.

30 July 2021

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Japan Economics Update

Bank shifting focus away from emergency response

The Bank of Japan today unveiled the details of its green lending facility, underlining that its focus is now moving away from addressing the pandemic towards longer-term structural issues.

16 July 2021

Australia & New Zealand Economic Outlook

Central banks to tighten as bust turns to boom

Sydney’s lockdown will keep a lid on Australia’s recovery for now, but booming housing markets should support consumer spending and dwellings investment in both countries. We don’t expect labour shortages to ease much when the border opens, so wages growth may finally accelerate. That should prompt the RBNZ to start hiking rates next month and the RBA to follow in 2023.

15 July 2021

Australia & New Zealand Data Response

Australia Labour Market (Jun.)

The labour market continued to tighten in June and while the lockdown in New South Wales may result in some bumps over the next couple of months, we expect wage growth to accelerate soon.

15 July 2021
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