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Flavours of recession, Xi vs Biden vs Trump, Jeremy Hunt’s big dilemma

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Markets are continuing to debate “recession or no recession” but, as Group Chief Economist Neil Shearing tells David Wilder in this latest episode, the debate is too binary and fails to take into account the different types of recession that the monetary tightening of the past two years could end with. 
Plus, in the wake of that Joe Biden-Xi Jinping meeting in San Francisco, an exclusive clip from our Drop-In briefing on global fracturing explains why a broad agreement to fix US-China economic relations looks unlikely and what a return of Donald Trump to the White House could mean for the structure of the world economy.
Finally, Chief UK Economist Paul Dales and Deputy Chief UK Economist Ruth Gregory preview the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, including the core dilemma facing Jeremy Hunt and what the OBR’s latest forecasts might signal.