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Asia Drop-In: Taiwan election 2024 – Domestic and global implications

In a busy year for elections worldwide, Taiwan’s is likely to be among the most consequential.

2023 was probably Taiwan’s weakest year of economic growth since the Global Financial Crisis – and the coming year isn’t likely to be much better as external demand cools. That creates a challenging backdrop for the incumbent party: the economy will be a focus for voters as well as cross-Strait relations.

But it’s the geopolitical implications that many outside Taiwan care about. Taiwan’s status remains the key flashpoint in a fracturing US-China relationship and policymakers in Washington and Beijing will be closely watching who wins the presidency and control of the Legislative Yuan.

We held a client briefing straight after the election weekend all about what this crucial vote means for Taiwan and the global economy. During this session, we answered client questions about the domestic and geo-economic consequences of the results, including:

  • How this election could shape cross-Strait relations;
  • How China might respond, and the consequences for Taiwan’s economy;
  • The implications for the global tech sector and for US-China fracturing.
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