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Zinc set to lose its shine

After climbing to multi-year highs in May, the zinc price has stayed strong, with much less volatility than its counterparts. However, we feel weaker economic growth in China and US tapering of monetary policy will work in tandem with the ongoing recovery in supply to push prices lower by end-year.
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Precious Metals Update

Gold’s lustre to return in 2023

Having fallen sharply in Q2, we think that the gold price is now close to a cyclical trough. What’s more, the price should revive a little in 2023 as markets factor in the prospect of US monetary tightening.

3 August 2022

Metals Data Response

Global Steel Production (June)

Global steel production growth slowed in June as higher power costs in advanced economies contributed to lower output there. By contrast, the decline in China’s output slowed slightly. Overall, we expect global steel production to grow at a snail’s pace of less than 1% this year.

22 July 2022

Metals Data Response

Global Aluminium Production (Jun.)

Global aluminium production ticked up again in June, but the increase was not sufficient to explain the plunge in prices last month. Base effects will mean that China’s production growth will accelerate in the second half of this year, but supply will remain relatively constrained at a global level, which should eventually help to put a floor under prices.

20 July 2022

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Industrial Metals Update

Cooling Chinese growth to weigh on metal prices

China’s latest activity data are further evidence of a slowdown in its economy. This aligns with our view that industrial metals demand will soften in the year ahead, putting downward pressure on prices.

18 August 2021
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