Four points on tapering and government bond yields

We don’t think tapering by the Fed will cause long-term Treasury yields to rise sharply, although it may contribute some upward pressure. But we do think those yields will rise quite a bit anyway, mainly because of the outlook for inflation in the US.
Thomas Mathews Markets Economist
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DM Valuations Monitor

Tech sector valuations may have even further to fall

Even though the valuations of technology stocks have, in general, already fallen sharply in recent weeks, we suspect they may decline further over the next couple of years. This is one reason why we expect the sectors in which they are heavily represented to make limited gains, at best, over that period.

25 January 2022

Global Markets Update

Fed tightening & the outlook for US corporate bonds

Our baseline forecast envisages that US corporate bond spreads rise only slightly as the Fed raises interest rates over the next couple of years. But we think the risks to this forecast are skewed to higher spreads.

21 January 2022

Global Markets Update

We think that China’s equities will continue to struggle

Even though we doubt that China’s equities will fare anywhere near as badly over the next couple of years as they did in 2021, we do not expect them to make strong gains from here either.

14 January 2022

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China’s growth slowdown may hold back EM equities

We think slower growth in China will continue to weigh on the country’s stock market, as well as those of some other emerging markets (EMs).

27 August 2021

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Fed’s inflation tolerance may lead to higher bond yields

A year after the Fed announced its new policy framework, we think that bond markets still don’t fully reflect the likelihood of a prolonged period of above-target inflation.

25 August 2021

Capital Daily

The latest stock market sell-off and the rotation trade

We think the sectoral rotation trade will be a key feature of stock markets as economies continue to recover, resulting in the US market generally trailing those elsewhere.

23 August 2021
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